GigaTech Products is a provider of Intel compatible 25G optic and cable solutions in a wide range of options and lengths to maximize the potential of the next generation of Intel adapters. When used in the XXV710 Intel Ethernet Network Adapter, these SFP28 modules deliver a proven, reliable solution for deployments of high density Ethernet. Our 25G solutions offer a new level of price, performance, flexibility, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Intel SFP28 Compatible Transceivers

Intel SFP28 Compatible Twinaxial Cables

GigaTech Products SFP28 Intel compatible twinaxial cables are for customers who would like to deploy an Intel XXV710 Ethernet Network Adapter with an SFP28 direct attach cable. Intel Ethernet Network Adapters with SFP28 connectivity deliver proven, reliable solutions for deployments of high density Ethernet 10/25GbE network connections.

Benefits of GigaTech Products Intel SFP28 Compatibles with Intel 25G NICs

Servers are almost always built with all the internal components very compact. When designing the average data center saving space is a key goal. With this in mind, utilization of 25G NICs is an excellent option, even over 40G, as these cards are slim and save a good deal of space. This also introduces the capability of backwards compatibility with 10G networks should the need arise.

Instituting 25G NICs opens several options including the use of 10G/25G/100G or 10G/25G/50G/100G connections. This opportunity is a good choice if you are looking for a pay as you grow model or if you already have these speeds established in your network. As Intel NICs are compatible with a wide range of servers, our GigaTech Products 25G optics and cabling solutions allow network engineers to maximize the full capabilities of this technology.

Intel Compatible SFP28 Transceivers

E25GSFP28SR-GTEthernet SFP28 SR Optic Intel Compatible
E25GSFP28LR-GTEthernet SFP28 LR Optic Intel Compatible

Intel Compatible SFP28 Cables

XXVDACBL1MEthernet SFP28 Twinaxial Cable Intel Compatible- 1M
XXVDACBL2MEthernet SFP28 Twinaxial Cable Intel Compatible- 2M
XXVDACBL3MEthernet SFP28 Twinaxial Cable Intel Compatible- 3M