GigaTech Products Customer Support Guide

GigaTech Products is proud to announce the rollout of its new enterprise-class customer support portal. This help desk interface will streamline management of technical support, allow quick communication through an easy-to-navigate support panel, and maintain a detailed log of all inquiries and responses.  Customers can also log into the support panel and view our ever-growing product knowledge base. 

1) Accessing the Customer Support Panel

The support panel can be accessed through the homepage of the GigaTech Products website.  On the main navigation bar select “Support”. Once familiar with all the instructions scroll down and click the “Access Support Portal” button. Once the page has loaded you can create a new ticket by clicking on the “Submit a New Ticket” button on the right side of your screen. This will take you to a fresh new ticket submission page where you can fill out the necessary details for your ticket.

2) Submitting your ticket

When filling out your ticket it is import to be be as concise and detailed as possible. The data fields should be filled out as follows:

Email Address: Please use the email address you would like to maintain contact on. All future contact notifications will go here.

Type: Please select the product type from the drop down menu and then choose the most appropriate problem description from the Issue drop down menu

Subject: A short description of the reason for ticket submission

Part Number: Please list the GT product number

Purchase Order Number: Enter the purchase order number here so that we may track the product batch and date of shipment.

System Model Number: Please list the product number of the device or system our product is being installed on

System Software Version: List operating system version if applicable

Description: Please write any relevant details pertaining to the problems incurred with our product. Please remember to be as descriptive as possible here to aid us in diagnosing the error

3) Email Confirmation and Registration

Once you have submitted your first ticket the Support System will email you confirmation of your ticket submission as well as a second email allowing you to register with your login credentials. 


If you do not receive your first 2 emails please check your junk mail folder and add GigaTech Products to your email clients safe senders list

4) Login and Check Ticket Status

Once you have completed registration you can log in and check the status of your ticket and send further communication to the support department. All communication between you and the support department will be archived for future reference and can be retrieved by logging into the panel and selecting the appropriate ticket.