Fiber media converters have become an intrinsic networking hardware tool in the connection of established copper networks to new fiber optic networks. The fiber media converter serves as a jack of all trades in the implementation and optimization of fiber in a network environment. By incorporating the use of fiber into a network, a media converter can offer a wide variety of protocols, increased data rates, and open the door to new media types. A GigaTech Products media converter can help you create a more cost-effective network with minimal effort.

By adding media converter between two existing copper networks you can extend the connection through a high speed fiber cable.

Multimode fiber is limited to 550M in distance, so existing multimode fiber networks can be joined over singlemode fiber using a media converter on each end.

Benefits of Media Converters in your network:
  • Much less expensive than new fiber switches.
  • Extend the life of existing copper wiring infrastructure.
  • Fiber will provide immunity to electrical interference increasing the stability of the connection.
  • Increased security due to lack of electromagnetic emission over fiber.