GigaTech offers a comprehensive selection of transceivers manufactured to perform above and beyond industry standards. These solutions are designed to offer a cost effective and flexible means to accommodate network modifications and growth while adhering to the highest performance standards in the industry.

The Sweet Spot for OEM Quality Without the Price Tag

  • Guaranteed with Lifetime Warranty
  • Tested for compatibility & performance
  • Consistent product manufacturing supply chain
  • Free pre and post-sale portal and phone technical support
  • Cost Effective

Switch OEM Manufacturer

  • Short warranty or warranty for additional cost
  • Support through additional purchased contract
  • Limited product diversity
  • High price point

Low Cost Supplier

  • Low quality control standards
  • Inconsistent and varied product supply
  • Limited to no support

GigaTech transceivers represent the best combination of quality, performance, support, and price. While OEM switch vendors treat optics as an ancillary accessory to their main product, GigaTech focuses on transceivers as the core element of our business. Our products are tested extensively to ensure they meet performance standards and are backed by guaranteed service and support that online resellers and low cost manufacturers simply cannot provide. We are the only supplier in our channel that maintains a consistent supply chain where all aspects of production are controlled by our manufacturing factory.

Hardware Standards and Compliance

Never Sourced. Never Recycled.

All GigaTech transceivers are manufactured under the same roof and represent the gold standard for reliability and consistency in performance. Many low cost suppliers build with used lasers or replace the casing on a used transceiver in order to offer the lowest price possible. Our factory controls every level of production from the manufacture of the TOSA & ROSA laser components to the final assembly. This vertical manufacturing chain allows GigaTech to avoid unexpected variances in laser quality, PCB layout, casing design, or other component inconsistency often found with online resellers who source their components from an ever changing
supplier list.

Meets or Exceeds All Quality Certification Standards

GigaTech is dedicated to maintaining the highest of quality standards. All of our components comply with MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) and IEEE standards and, in many cases, excel beyond those certification standards. Every transceiver we produce is tested on active network devices to ensure compliance with OEM equipment and are verified to be plug-and-play, not requiring unexpected work arounds.


Compatibility and Inhouse Custom Coding

GigaTech transceivers and cables are manufactured and coded to perform identically to the switch manufacturer original optic. We code each item to be compatible with the intended system and latest software release to ensure reliability. Through our ability to code all of our transceivers in house, GigaTech can create custom coded solutions that OEM manufacturers do not supply. We can offer longer distance CWDM & DWDM options, single fiber options, and dual coded options for unique network configurations.

Full Service Support and Lifetime Warranty

Unparalleled Support Through an Intuitive Support Portal System

GigaTech is dedicated to providing customers with a hassle free, full service experience beyond the initial purchase of the product. Our US based team of certified and trained technicians have extensive experience with the product base and interact with customers through an enterprise class support portal system. This allows for tracking of tickets and interactions with multiple individuals of a team via a simplified interface. Follow the support portal guide found here for instructions on how to get started.

Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty On All Transceivers

We are so confident in the quality and reliability of our transceivers that we back them with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. We will stand behind the performance through the useful life of the product. According to Gartner, The average cost of network downtime is around $5,600 per minute. That is around $300,000 per hour. The resulting disruption in productivity and response to correct the network outage is critical. The failure of a transceiver can result in the network disruption, loss of the computing, storage, or switching. The GigaTech Products lifetime warranty and overnight replacement policy is designed to save our customers time and money by getting them back up to speed as quickly as possible.