GigaTech Products Fibre Channel Solutions

High Speed Connectivity in Storage Area Networks (SANs)

Compatible Fibre Channel (FC) Solutions

Fibre Channel has become a versatile solution used in data center storage area networks (SANs) around the world.  GigaTech Products provides a full range of compatible FC transceivers for Broadcom, Brocade, Cisco, Dell, Emulex, HP, IBM, QLogic, and many more.  Our FC transceivers are fully coded and tested to offer a solution at a fraction of the OEM price.  All GigaTech transceivers are backed by a lifetime warranty ensuring your connection stays secure.

Fibre Channel Network Application

SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructure utilizing an FC switch between server and storage

What is Fibre Channel?

Fibre Channel (FC) is a high-speed, reliable, and scalable networking technology. It provides a dedicated and robust infrastructure for connecting servers and storage devices, enabling the efficient and secure transfer of large volumes of data.

What speeds are available?

The technology supports data rates ranging from 1 to 128 gigabits per second (Gbps) and allows for long-distance connections, making it suitable for both local and wide area networks.

Where is FC used?

Fibre Channel has become a standard in the storage industry, providing a foundation for storage networks and facilitating the efficient management and sharing of data among servers and storage arrays.

Features and Advantages

High Performance

Optimized for block-level storage traffic, making it ideal for applications that require fast and reliable data access such as database operations.

Lossless and Reliable

Critical for storage environments where data integrity is crucial, as even a small amount of data loss or corruption can have significant consequences.


Ability to connect thousands of devices, including servers, storage arrays, and tape libraries, using fabric switches.


Built-in security features, such as zoning and logical unit number (LUN) masking, which help control access to storage resources.



Fibre Channel Speed Chart

ProductForm FactorThroughputLine Rate
1Gb FCSFP200 MB/s1.055 GBd
2Gb FCSFP400 MB/s2.125 Gbd
4Gb FCSFP800 MB/s4.25 GBd
8Gb FCSFP+1600 MB/s8.5 GBd
16 Gb FCSFP+3200 MB/s17 GBd
32Gb FCSFP286400 MB/s34 GBd
64Gb FCQSFP+ / SFP-DD12800 MB/s68 GBd
128Gb FCQSFP2825600 MB/s136 GBd

Never Sourced. Never Recycled.

All components in GigaTech Product optics are manufactured under the same roof and represent the gold standard for reliability and consistency in performance. This vertical manufacture chain allows GigaTech to avoid unnecessary variances in transceiver casing or laser quality often found with online resellers who source their components from an ever changing vendor list. The transceiver is guaranteed to be built from A-Stock never used components overseen by GigaTech Products,

Rigorous Testing & Standards Compliance

The quality and standards of our hardware is one the base foundations of GigaTech Products. All of our components comply with MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) output standards and, in many cases, excel beyond those certification standards. Every transceiver we produce is tested on active network devices to ensure they comply with OEM equipment and are verified to be plug-and-play and do not require work arounds.