Some of our customers (End User, Reseller, or Integrator) have been concerned that putting a GigaTech Transceiver or DAC into their system will cause their warranty or support program to be jeopardized. Lenovo perpetuates this fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) among their clients in order to coerce them into buying their own higher priced products. The excerpt taken from Lenovo’s website states that the use of an alternative Transceiver or DAC does not affect the customer’s warranty or support program.

GigaTech Products offers a full line of compatible Transceiver or DAC products manufactured to be equal to, or better in quality than the Lenovo original product. Choosing GigaTech products will provide you with the same high quality items at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, Lenovo products are warranted for only 1 year, forcing customers to purchase a costly support contract in order to maintain an extended warranty. GigaTech Products offers a free Lifetime Warranty on all Transceiver and DAC products.

Support statement for non-Lenovo branded Transceivers and Direct-attached (DAC) cables.

Definition of third Party products: Product installed are not listed as supported in applicable documentation from Lenovo or a Business partner authorized by Lenovo.

Lenovo does not restrict the use of all third party products. The Lenovo guideline for support and warranty services for the use of third-party products and other non-Lenovo products is as follows:

· When a customer reports a network issue and Lenovo believes the issue can be traced to the use of third-party products by a customer or business partner, then, at Lenovo’s discretion, Lenovo may withhold support under warranty or a Lenovo solution support program till the products are replaced with Lenovo supported products. If the third-party products have led to a hardware defect, the warranty will be void on the affected product.

· When an issue occurs in the network, and Lenovo concludes that the issue is not attributable to the use of third-party products by a customer or business partner, Lenovo will continue to provide support for the affected product under warranty or covered by a Lenovo solution support program.

Source: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/pd103616