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While others may offer you the standard fix with lengthy downtimes, at GigaTech, we believe in real-time solutions that keep your operations running smoothly. Experience the difference with technical assistance that doesn’t just respond but resolves, ensuring that every network configuration aligns seamlessly for uninterrupted success.

In-House Custom Coding

Extensive Lab Testing

Knowledge & Experience

Dive into a real-world scenario that underscores the GigaTech difference:

Our recent triumph with a valued reseller and their end user’s compatibility conundrum. Witness how our technical support went above and beyond, transforming a standard product issue into a showcase of our exceptional problem-solving prowess.


In a recent interaction with one of our valued resellers, we encountered a situation that perfectly showcases the exceptional technical support team here at GigaTech Products.

Our reseller initially reached out to inquire about the price of a Cisco-compatible SFP-10G-T, a product we supply regularly. After receiving the purchase order and promptly shipping the items, everything seemed fine. However, just a week later, our reseller’s customer reported an issue with the purchased components.

Naturally, they assumed that compatibility was the problem, as they had chosen our compatible SFP-10G-T over a Cisco original solution. But was that truly the issue at hand? This is where our remarkable technical support team enters the picture.

Fortunately, the end user provided critical information about the system these components were being installed into: the ASR1001-X. Upon closer examination,
 it became clear that Cisco does not offer this solution for the ASR1001-X.  This system would not accept the standard item for the connection that they were trying to accomplish.


This is where the expertise of our incredible techs shone through. At GigaTech, we have the advantage of developing our own coding, and we possess an extensive range of systems for experimentation. With this unique capability, we were able to develop customized coding that enabled the 10G-T hardware to be recognized and function flawlessly in the #ASR1001-X.

The Result

If you haven’t already experienced the level of expertise and dedication our team can offer, we encourage you to give us a try. Discover how GigaTech can go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Never Sourced. Never Recycled.

All components in GigaTech Product optics are manufactured under the same roof and represent the gold standard for reliability and consistency in performance. This vertical manufacture chain allows GigaTech to avoid unnecessary variances in transceiver casing or laser quality often found with online resellers who source their components from an ever changing vendor list. The transceiver is guaranteed to be built from A-Stock never used components overseen by GigaTech Products,

Rigorous Testing & Standards Compliance

The quality and standards of our hardware is one the base foundations of GigaTech Products. All of our components comply with MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) output standards and, in many cases, excel beyond those certification standards. Every transceiver we produce is tested on active network devices to ensure they comply with OEM equipment and are verified to be plug-and-play and do not require work arounds.