GigaTech Products Announces the Release of 32GB Transceivers

GigaTech Products 32Gb Fiber Channel transceivers push beyond the limitations of previous fiber channel iterations to provide unprecedented performance and possibilities in your storage network. All transceivers are manufactured to be MSA compliant and coded to offer 100% compatibility with original manufacturer systems. Using GigaTech 32Gb transceivers will allow your network infrastructure access to a new level of high performance and low latency storage previously unattainable.

The premiere basis for a back-end network

During the past decade, data storage has become one of the most important resources for the corporate enterprise. A storage area network, or SAN, is a network built to allow the servers to access and share several storage devices.

Data storage requirements have quickly outgrown the limitations of a traditional SCSI bus. Ethernet addresses scalability and cabling limitations, but introduces characteristics that are undesirable for data storage. Fiber channel bridges these gaps

What is Fiber Channel

Fiber Channel offers an interface that combines aspects of both SCSI and Ethernet to provide a high-performance, reliable, low-latency, scalable network optimized for server-to-storage and server-to-server connections. Utilizing a high-speed serial interface that merges features of data storage and data networking technologies it allows for variable media types, multiple protocols, and different interconnection topologies.

The evolution of fiber channel from 1Gb to 32Gb

Since the introduction of 1G FC in 1997 the performance capabilities have grown exponentially as hardware has evolved. 32G FC is the first to take advantage of the new SFP28 interface and compatible host bus adapters