Cisco Approved DDR4-2133 UCS Memory


GigaTech Products is supporting a full line of memory solutions for the Cisco UCS Series servers.  Beware of other 3rd party brands.  The Cisco UCS Series will display an “Invalid FRU” error if you do not use the correct Cisco approved products. GigaTech Approved Cisco UCS memory will work seamlessly in your server while allowing you to lower your total cost of ownership.  These solutions are tested to be 100% compatible with the Cisco UCS devices and backed with our Lifetime Warranty.  


DDR4 Advantage

UCS-MR-1X081RU-A-GA               8GB DDR4-2133-MHz RDIMM 1R Cisco Approved 

UCS-MR-1X162RU-A-GA               16GB DDR4-2133-MHz RDIMM 2R Cisco Approved

UCS-ML-1X324RU-A-GA                32GB DDR4-2133-MHz RDIMM 4R Cisco Approved