GigaTech Solutions for Brocade Gen 7 Switches

10G / 16G / 32G Fiber Channel SFP+

Maintaining Quality Connections With GigaTech Products Brocade Compatible Transceivers

With almost three decades in the data center, Fibre Channel continues to be an essential piece of most enterprises’ critical storage infrastructure due to its industry-leading reliability and long-lasting investment protection.  Brocade’s new Gen 7 line of switches features up to 56 SFP+ ports in a convenient 1U form factor.  With the deployment of the new Gen 7 line of switches, Brocade has also released a new series of transceivers.  The GigaTech technical team, through intricate engineering and testing processes, has developed solutions fully compatible with the Brocade originals.  As with all GigaTech transceivers, these SFPs are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

  • 10G / 16G / 32G Fibre Channel
  • 100% Compatible EEPROM Coding
  • Hot-Swappable, Plug-And-Play
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Included
  • RoHS, IEE802.3, MSA Compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty

Transceiver Compatibility

10G FC SFP+Product Description
XBR-000418-GT10Gbps FC SWL SFP+ (1 Pack) Brocade Compatible
XBR-000417-GT10Gbps FC LWL 10KM SFP+ (1 Pack) Brocade Compatible
16G FC SFP+Product Description
XBR-000492-GT16Gbps FC SWL SFP+ (1 Pack) Brocade Compatible
XBR-000498-GT16Gbps FC LWL 10KM SFP+ (1 Pack) Brocade Compatible
XBR-000458-GT16Gbps FC ELWL 25KM SFP+ (1 Pack) Brocade Compatible
32G FC SFP+Product Description
XBR-000412-GT32Gbps FC SWL SFP+ (1-Pack) Brocade Compatible
XBR-000438-GT32Gbps FC LWL SFP+ 10km (1-Pack) Brocade Compatible