New Compatibles vs Used Originals

Everyone wants the best value for their dollar. Refurbished networking hardware can offer the promise of brand name quality with significant price savings. A switch or router can be tested, have parts repaired or replaced, software updated, and have many years of viable life left. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for transceivers. A transceiver cannot be “refurbished” the same way that a system can. Parts cannot be replaced or repaired and software cannot be updated. A used transceiver is just that: used. There is no way to tell how long the item was in use and how much more viable life is left when resold. The transceiver may last 3 years but it may also last just 3 months.

Compatibles are brand new for a fraction of the cost of manufacturer list price

All GigaTech compatible transceivers are new and come with a Lifetime Warranty. These items are built to MSA standards, tested before shipping, and coded to be compatible all manufacturer originals. Price savings can be as much as 98% off of manufacturer list. Choosing a brand new compatible over a used original comes with a list of advantages that make it a strongly desirable option!

• Budget Friendly
• 100% Compliant
• Shorter Lead Times
• Custom Options & Lengths
• Lifetime Warranty
• Lab Tested for Compatibility
Choose a brand new compatible from GigaTech Products.